Skin consultation

Before the treatment our skin consultation give us an in-depth view into your lifestyle, daily routine and your skincare routine to enable us to come up with a tailor-made treatment plan individual to you. 

Every treatment is composed of 4 BASIC PHASES:

 1  Detoxification and Osmotic                Exchange Balance

2   Blood and Lymphatic circulation                balance

3   Specific Action to treat face and          body skin

 4   Fixing the results


What is Cupping Therapy About?

Cupping therapy was first discussed in old medical textbooks in the Western World and was described as a medical practice that was used by Egyptians. There have also been accounts of Hippocrates using the Cupping Method for internal disease. Fire Cupping has also been practiced throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa. Cupping therapy is an alternative form of medicine and is perhaps better known as a traditional Chinese Medicine, like acupuncture.

Genni Vesprini using two types of Cupping Therapy, Dry and Massage Cupping.

During a dry cupping session, the glass cup or vessel is set on fire using a flammable substance such as alcohol or herbs. The fire begins to go out, and Genni places the glass therapy cup on the surface of the client’s skin.

As the therapy cup cools, it creates a vacuum or suction.

The skin will rise into the glass cup and will begin to redden.

Typically, these glass or silicone cups are set in place for up to three minutes at a time. But some treatments require longer times and can last up to twenty minutes.

During massage cupping, Genni can move the cups around and glide them across the client's skin, and it is recognized as a form of massage therapy.

Massage Cupping has also been used for weight loss and cellulite reduction.

Silicone therapy cups are more typically used for this form of cupping therapy because these therapy cups are softer and more flexible which makes it easier for the practitioner to glide them across the patient’s body.

Cupping therapy offers several advantages including aiding in promoting blood flow and increase blood circulation to muscles and tissue, supplies oxygen to cells, loosens knots, and can release and drain excess fluids and toxins.


Facial cupping is based on the same principle of restoration,but facial and body cupping are executed differently.

Facial cups are typically smaller and softer. They’re used to gently pull the skin away from deeper layers of fascia. This increases blood flow to the area and rejuvenates the skin without leaving cup marks behind.

  • increase oxygen-rich blood circulation 

  • strengthen skin and connective tissues

  • stimulate cells responsible for collagen production 

  • relax muscle tension 


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